Our Heritage

Exigy is 20, in those 20 years we have designed and manufactured bespoke monitoring systems for some of the world’s most prestigious music, post production and film studios. We are beginning a new phase, taking our heritage in a slightly less bespoke direction so we can bring our ideas to a wider market. We have new directors, new investment, some exciting product developments and growth plans. We’d like to thank all our fantastically loyal customers for keeping on coming back over the years and making this new phase possible.

ABKCO New York
Blast Recording Newcastle
Cinelab Moscow
Confetti Metronome Nottingham
Creative Partnership London
Empire Design London
Envy Post London
Far Heath Studios Northampton
Goldcrest Post London
Gramercy Park Studios New York

Gramercy Park Studios London
Grand Central Studios London
The Hit Factory New York
Hogarth Worldwide Singapore
Hogarth Worldwide Mexico City
Hogarth Worldwide London
KariSM Paris
Kore Studios London
Machine Sound London
Modern World Studios Tetbury
Real World Studios Wiltshire

Red Bull Santa Monica
Redlight London
RG Studio Altamira City Mexico
The Sanctuary Albany Bahamas
Savalas Glasgow
The Shoe Factory London
Sprit Studios Manchester
Spool Post Nottingham
Wave Studios Amsterdam
Wave Studios London
750MPH London

nAxial SA1 Surround Loudspeaker
SA1 nAxial® Surround